Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Game

Third times the charm
Another heartbreak, with another day break
I fall in love faster than an apocalyptic outbreak
Fighting to prove the man who couldn’t love me
It was him and not she-
Who was broken
It’s about damn time I have spoken
I was never a token-
To be won or lost
No thought about the cost
Or what you did to the girl
All that pressure made the pearl
But she still thinks she’s nothing
She looks in the mirror, says disgusting
And while the world is revolving she sits there
Solving a mystery of mental illness
How the world keeps moving-
Yet she can feel the stillness
Did it give you sick pleasure?
To lesser the self-esteem of treasure
Cause she can only see one’s trash
With every memory of every lash
But there’s a fire in her soul creating ash
She’ll use every flame to make her name
And with every line-
The credit’s mine
For it’s my time to shine
I will never be the same
There’s only higher to aim
Cause you may have won the round-
But, you can never win the game

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