Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Word-Count Wednesday

What am I working on?

Right now I'm still working on my fan fiction. I am on the third chapter and have posted the first two chapters on Wattpad as well now.
I'm also attempting (key word: attempting) to write anything for my first novel. I have the entire plot planned; I've named my main character and developed her back story; I've plotted character deaths and heartbreak. Now I'm staring at a blank word document, willing myself to be creative. It's not working.

Word Count This Week: 1,392

Total Word Count: 6,962

How do I feel about this process?

Yeah, at this point I'd rather not talk about it.....
I'm frustrated as fuck.

What am I reading?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Screenplay Script by Steve Kloves and J.K. Rowling

1001 Questions to Help Flesh Out Your Character by Christina Escamilla

Pinterest Writing Tips

Monday, February 6, 2017

Character Breakdown for my Creative Writing Peers

So for my creative writing class peers here is some of the question I use to flesh out my character and the link to the book I used to put together my list. Feel free to copy and paste. I hope this helps you guys on your stories and I can't wait to hear what you all have written!

1001 Questions to Help Flesh Out Your Character

Full Name:

Meaning of Name:
Nickname/ Alias/ Maiden Name:
Origin of Nickname:
Special Nickname from spouse or close friend:
Origin of Nickname:
Zodiac Sign:
Biological Gender:
Identifiable Gender:
Sexual Orientation:
Number of Sexual Partners:
Names of past partners:
Known Languages:
Can they write well?:
Can they read well?:
Potential IQ:
Average, High, or Poor Intellect:
Date of Death:
Age When They Die:
Manner of Death:

Biological, Adoptive, or Other Parental Units:
Alive: (yes/no)
Date of Death:
Where they live now:
Names & Ages:
Number of Siblings:
Names & Ages:
Birth Order:
Other Family Members of Note:
Names & Ages:
Known Ancestors:
Family Enemies:
Family Allies:
Still Live w/ Family Member: (yes/no)
Place of Birth:
Family symbol:
Current Living Location:
Environment Conditions:
Parental Occupation:
Broken the Law: (yes/no)
If so, What?:
Education level:
Special Training:
Current Associations (guild, club, team):
Economic Situation:
Economic Class:
How Much Wealth:
Current Occupation:
How Job was Received:
Length of Employment:
Work/School Schedule:
Current Criminal Record:
Marital Status:
Spouse’s Name:
Crush/ Romantic Interest:

Personality Type:
Good at Interacting in Social Situations:
Good w/ People:
Favourite Things:
Fav. Colour:
Fav. Food:
Fav. Drink:
Fav. Animal:
Fav. Music Genre:
Motto to Live By:
Special Talents:
Easily Bored?:
Known Quirks:
Quiet or Loud:
Special Mementos:
Worst Experiences:
Role in Group (leader, rebel, outcast, follower):
In Group, would contribute:
Good at Cooperating?:
Kind of Thinker (optimist, realist, idealist):
Annoys Character:
Reaction when Annoyed:
Reaction when Angry:
Easily Angered: (yes/no)
Sad Often: (yes/no)
Reaction when Sad:
Immediate Goals:
Long-term Goals:
Self-Serving/ Self-Sacrificing:
Dreamer/ Realist:
Personality Flaws:
How Reliable is Memory:
Earliest Memory:
Fondest Memory:
Most Embarrassing Memory:
Biggest Failure:
Biggest Regret:
Greatest Achievement:
Self-Confident/ Self-Depreciating:
Triggers to Past Traumas:
Trauma was:
Method to Calm Down:
Sense of Humor:
Good at Keeping Secrets: (yes/no)
Prone to Gossip: (yes/no)
Messy/ Neat Handwriting:
In Social Group, Dominate/ Submissive:
Bullied or Teased (Past):
By Whom:
Bullied or Teased (Current):
By Whom:
Relationship w/ Parents:
Issues w/ Parents:
Relationship w/ Siblings:
Issues w/ Siblings:
Lots of Friends: (yes/no)
Lots of Romantic Partners: (yes/no)
Any Bad Breakups:
With Who:
What Happened:
Any Jealous Lovers:
Family Reputation:
Personal Moral Code:
Family Political Affiliation:
Family Political Importance:
Political Affiliation:
Political Importance:
Reputation among Family:
Among Friends:
Among Society:
Social Status:
Active in Community:
How So:
Bad Childhood Memories:
Happy Childhood Memories:
Manias (obsessions):
Inept at:
Health issues:
Sound Mind:
Mental Health Concerns: 
Skin Colour:
Long Legs/ Arms:
Right/Left Handed:
Ectomorph (slim), Mesomorph (muscular), Endomorph (curvy):
Small/ Medium/ Large Frame:
Overall Body Shape:
Face Shape:
Low/ Average/ High Forehead:
Distinguishing Features:
Skin Type:
Flat/ Curved/ Arched Eyebrows:
Long/ Average/ Short Eyelashes:
Eye Colour:
Nose Shape:
Lip Sizes:
Teeth Size:
Hand Size:
Finger Length:
Missing Appendages:
Look Older/ Younger:
Healthy & Good Shape:
Most Predominate Feature:
Current Weight:
Clothing Measurements:
Shoe Size:
Natural Stance/Posture:
Speaking Gestures:
Expressive when Speaking:
Strange Mannerisms:
Hair Length:
Hair Colour:
Thick/ Thin/ Average:
Hair Style:
Facial Hair:
Body Hair:
Regional/ Foreign:
Voice Pitch:
Quality of Voice (breathy, croaky):
Distinctive Voice:
Better Senses:
Worse Senses:
Natural Smell:
Damaged Teeth:
Vision: (poor/ good)
Fingernail Length:
Fingernail Condition:
Noticeable Hands:
Scars/ Birthmarks:
Style of Clothing:
Clothes from:
Dress Themselves:
If not, Why:
Considered Fashionable:
Grooming Habits:
Lots of Consideration on Clothing:
Possible Type of Top to wear:
Prone to Hats:
Natural/ Dramatic:
Head Accessories:
Clothing Accessories:
Carry Equipment:
Carry Trinkets:
Type of Home:
Prone to Believe in Fairytales, Myths, Legends:
Fav. Fairytale, Myth, Etc:
Fav. Mythological Creature:
Well Read:
Fav. Book Genre:
Fav. Movie:
Play Instruments:
Can Sing: (yes/no)
Fav. Song:
Fav. Place:
Fav. Sport:
Fav. Quote:
Hogwarts House:

Prone to Believe in Fairytales, Myths, Legends:
Fav. Fairytale, Myth, Etc:
Fav. Mythological Creature:
Well Read:
Fav. Book Genre:
Fav. Movie:
Play Instruments:
Can Sing: (yes/no)
Fav. Song:
Fav. Place:
Fav. Sport:
Fav. Quote: